Q.  Why won't the game work on my computer?

A.  You may need to update or download a more recent version of the Flash player.  You can visit the Adobe website for additional help using Flash.


Q.  Why does it take a long time for the game to load?

A.  Some of the variations are smaller than others and will download more quickly than those with longer soundtracks.  Your connection speed will have a lot to do with how quickly the games come up on your screen to play.  Slower computers may also play the games back at slower rates.


Q.  How do I play BREAKOUT?

A.  Begin by moving your mouse over the game field.  Release the ball by clicking the mouse button.  Move your paddle left and right by sliding the mouse.  Prevent the ball from falling below the paddle.  Deflect as many shots as you can to break all of the bricks out of play.  If you lose a life, click the mouse to release the next ball.  Your score is shown at the bottom of the game screen along with how many total clears you have earned and how many lives you have left.  View the instructions to learn more.


Q.  Why does the ball sometimes bouce off of the field through the walls?  Are there bugs in the game?

A.  There are some bugs in the game.  Although they are not common, they will happen from time to time.  If you experience such a bug - don't panic - but you must start over.  Some bugs may require you to reselect the game from the menu.  Other bugs, such as bricks descending below the play area can be bypassed by allowing your ball to drop past the paddle - although you will likely lose that life and have to start the level over again.  Sorry about the bugs, but it's still a load of fun, right?


Q.  What happened to the introduction page?

A.  The introduction page can be renewed any time by clicking the BREAKOUT banner above the game window.


Q.  How do I return to the Main Page of the site?

A.  From the BREAKOUT menu, click on the graphic of the blue ball to exit the game page and return to the Main Page.


Q.  Still need help?

A.  E-mail the admin with your question.