The rules of BREAKOUT are few and simple.  The object of the game is to keep the ball in play for as long as possible by deflecting it with the paddle toward a set of breakable blocks.  Break all of the blocks on the screen to advance to a new level.  You may only move the paddle horizontally.  The paddle moves as you slide the mouse back and forth on the field of play.  That sums it up.  It is as simple as that, but there are some subtleties that add some interest to the game...





The paddle has a few "sensetive" zones that can affect the way the ball is deflected.  For instance, if the ball is approaching the paddle at an angle from the left, hitting the ball near the left edge of the paddle will reduce the angle at which the ball is deflected.  The same hit near the center of the paddle will send the ball at an equal angle to the incoming angle.  The same deflection on the right side of the paddle will result in an increased angle of deflection.  For hits coming in from the right, the entire processed is mirrored.  This allows the player to have more control and develop a tactic for achieving goals, improving scores and utilizing features on the field of play.

The paddle may not always work that way!  Some games are configured to add an element of randomness to deflections.  Even in such a game, those zones will have some influence over the angle of deflection.  It is still a good practice to use the deflection tactics to influence the ball in play.





Blocks are not the only items to hit in the game.  Other items may appear as the game progresses:





Bonuses must be hit with the ball in order to be collected.  A bonus collection will affect your score.  In some cases, bonuses increase each time you collect a bonus and decrease each time you miss one.  Bonuses will disappear after a while.





Extra balls must be hit with the ball in order to be collected.  If the extra ball is hit, one life will be added to your current lives left.  Extra balls will only appear as long as you have not reached the maximum amount of lives set for the game.  You can, however, exceed this maximum once if you achieve the high score and the game allows for an extra life given that feat.  Extra balls will disappear after a while.





Hitting a mine will result in the loss of a life.  Mines may be set to appear only if a certain amount of lives remain, but not in all games.  Hitting a mine will also reset the current level so that you have to start over with all of the blocks back in place.  Mines will disappear after a while.





Warps act as a portal from one warp point to the other.  In some games, both portals are active, meaning that you may warps through either portal to the other.  In other games, only one warp portal is active, so if you hit that portal the ball will warp to the other, but not the other way around.  Warps will disappear after a while.